About us

Welcome To SPF

 SPF is a specialized contracting company with solid reputation of construction delivery over the years. SPF excels in the fields of both

Commercial and Residential

contracting with a unique adherence to excellence.

Who Are We?

With a decade of invaluable experience in the construction industry in Saudi Arabia, we aim to deliver an uncompetitive service to match the market’s demand.

Founded by
Mr. Saad Al Othaim & Eng. Mohamad Bitar,

SPF is armed with a strong knowledge in the local market and can guarantee you a full design & build service that goes beyond your expectations.

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OUR Mission

Commitment to Excellence and Efficiency

SPF is committed to delivering precise and efficient services, upholding rigorous standards to consistently provide top-tier quality and meet or exceed client expectations.

Safety-First Approach for Lasting Value

We prioritize safety and value, ensuring the well-being of all stakeholders while delivering cost-effective solutions that contribute to our clients' overall success.

Professional, Honest, Personalized Service

SPF prides itself on professionalism, honesty, and personalized service, offering transparent communication and customized solutions that build enduring trust with our clients.

OUR Vision

01 ​-Specialized Fit-Out

We excel in the intricacies of fit-out and finishing works, delivering high-quality results tailored to each client's unique requirements.

02 ​-Client-Focused Approach

Our commitment to being the preferred contractor is rooted in a client-centric philosophy, emphasizing open communication and a dedication to understanding and exceeding client expectations.

03 ​-Long-Term Trust

We prioritize the cultivation of enduring relationships by providing ongoing support, proactive communication, and adaptability to evolving client needs.

04 ​-Value Creation